Association of English Law

In 2020, the Association of English Law was established in the Czech Republic as a society for lawyers who are dually qualified as both Czech attorneys as well as Solicitors of England and Wales. I was honored by my colleagues who elected me to be the first president of the association. I look forward to using this opportunity to further the goals of the association which include promotion of English law as legal system of choice for cross-border contracts, facilitating education in English law, developing industry standards and improving quality of legal...

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Covid-19 and Rent Delay Measure – Trap or opportunity?

One measure to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is the government's ban on terminating the lease due to non-payment of rent in cases where the tenant is unable to pay rent due to an epidemic. This problematic government bill has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and will be dealt with by the Senate after the Easter hollidays. If the law actually comes into effect, it will cause a noticeable stir within private relationships between landlords and tenants. What are the pitfalls for both sides to avoid and what does the future of the...

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Entitlement to compensation in respect of Covid-19 measures

Many businesses had to shut down or limit their operations in relation to restrictive Covid-19 measures. In this context, there has been a lively social debate on the subject of claims for damages in connection with government measures (later by the Ministry of Health) against the state. Can you therefore have a claim against the State for compensation and, if so, how and when should it be exercised? First, it must be emphasized that such a claim does indeed arise from the law - namely the provision of § 36 of the Crisis Act, according to which the state is...

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