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As a lawyer who has experience with living and working abroad, I can appreciate the challanges of moving to and living in another country. I specialize in providing legal service to expats and foreigners in the Czech Republic. My overarching objective is always to make sure that my clients fully understand their rights and responsibilites and can make informed decisions. I provide legal services in all areas of Czech law, and typicall help my clients with matters such as residence permits, employment, real estate transactions, setting up companies, tax-related issues as well as litigation (both civil and criminal).

Lawyer profile

Mgr. Jakub Honzík, LL.M.
Attorney-at-law l Solicitor of England and Wales

I am a lawyer with experience obtained both in small and large international law firms. I provide legal services in all areas of Czech law as well as English law and in selected areas of European law. I began my legal career in England, where I studied English law at the University of Warwick and later practised in the area of Banking and Finance in a large international law firm. After obtaining my degree in Czech law at the Charles University in Prague, I also practised within a small private client focused law firm, gaining valuable experience with the more client-focused provision of legal services. Building on my experience, I qualified both as attorney-at-law in the Czech Republic and as Solicitor of England and Wales in the United Kingdom and most importantly, I learned to provide professional legal services tailored to the needs of individual clients. My general experience from different kinds of law firms attending to different kinds of clients enabled me to gain expertise, which allows me to offer my clients highly individualized service with the aim of providing the right options in wide range of issues – whether the issue incorporates negotiation, litigation or enforcement and whether the matter concerns criminal, civil or corporate law. I prefer long term cooperation with my clients, based on mutual trust and fruitful cooperation.

Whenever I first meet with a new client, my first objective is to gain as much understanding of the matter at hand as possible, but also of all surrounding circumstances necessary to properly determine my client’s immediate needs as well as his or her long term objectives. I always provide my clients with individualized solutions and seek to keep them informed of all possible alternatives while explaining the pros and cons of each individual option. It is my belief that a well informed client can make informed decisions and it is attorney’s duty to assist his client while making these decisions. I always seek to provide realistic estimates of success and to make sure, that my client is aware of the strength of legal arguments underlining his or her case. Additionally, I always fully inform my clients about any recent developments in the matter as well as providing them with realistic cost estimates in order to allow them to always keep track of costs and disbursements. It is not my objective to litigate at all costs and pursue every legal option without regard to costs – the final decision about how to proceed is always made by the client who must be fully aware of all cost implications and of the viability of each option. I deal with my clients in a transparent and open manner as mutual trust is a cornerstone of any business relationship.

Professional qualifications and education

Mgr. Jakub Honzík, LL.B., LL.M.

U Pernikářky 1713/12, 150 00 Praha
Phone:  +420 723 109 050

Professional qualifications

2019 Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme – registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority as Solicitor of England and Wales
2019 Czech Bar Exam – registered with the Czech Bar Association as attorney-at-law under reg. no. 18859



2016 Law and legal science (Mgr.) – Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law
2015 Legal Practice Course (LL.M) – University of Law, London, United Kingdom
2013 European Law (LL.M) – University of London, London, United Kingdom
2012 Geopolitical Studies (Mgr.) – Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences
2010 Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Qualifying Degree – University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom


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Additional information including media citations can be found HERE

Legal services

Selected legal services

Corporate law

If you wish to set up a company in the Czech repulic (or to invest in one), I can help you with the whole process. I wil lmake sure that all the formalities are taken care of and that the chosen type of company and/or corporate structure is suitable to your needs. I can also provide advice regarding the administrative and tax-related aspects of the whole transaction.


I provide services to foreigners who chose to establish themselves in the Czech Republic. These services often include residence permits or citizenship proceedings. I will advise you about all aspects of setting up in the Czech Republic such as bank accounts, work permits, dealing with immigration services, purchasing/leasing an appartment or a house, etc.

Family law

I have experience with familiy-related proceedings with cross-border aspects such as legalizing your marriage in the Czech republic, representing you in cross-border divorce proceedings including child-related proceedings, etc. I can also provide legal advice about administration of wills and estates under Czech law or on matters of succession in relation to family businesses.

Employment law

I help my clients to navigate the area of Czech employment law, whether from the position of employee or employer. I have experience wtih wrongful termination proceedings as well as with proceedings based on the Anti-discrimination law. I will make sure, that my clients will not be taken advantage of and that their rights will be fully protected.

Criminal law

I understand that it can be extremely stressful to fall into the criminal justice system in a foreign country. If that happens, then it is necessary to get legal help as soon as possible. I have extensive experience with representing foreign clients in Czech criminal proceedings. In order to fully protect your rights, it is important to get a specialized legal representation at the very start of criminal proceedings, especially when dealing with the police or for bail hearings.

Other services

As fully qualified attorney, I can legalize your signature on an official document, I can facilitate atuhorised conversion of a document into an electronic form and I can arrange services of a public notary,translator, private investigator or a tax advisor. Furthermore, I can arrange higher certificatino of public documents for their use abroad (Apostille).

Tailored legal services, no-nonsense approach a reliability.

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